Why Fashion Icons are Supporting these Mobile Apps

With the incalculable number of fashion apps that exist today, it’s hard to determine which of them provide legitimate beauty and styling tips. Luckily, celebrities that are knowledgeable about the fashion industry have handpicked mobile apps that you can depend on for style advice.

Before mobile apps, the only connection between fashion and the internet was online shopping, but as the mobile internet is increasingly becoming an influential trend on the internet landscape, it was expected that the fashion industry would go mobile. Gaming Realms, the corporation operating mobile entertainment site Pocket Fruity, said that the estimated number of smartphone users in 2012 was 1 billion, which eMarketer articulated would grow to 1.75 billion by the end of this year. Since celebrity opinion and mobile internet have ways of swaying the public, app developers found it appropriate to team up with celebrities to create fashion apps, to help them prevail in a very saturated market.

The Olsen twins for Trendabl

olsen-twins-fashion05Image courtesy of Simone’s Fashion Closet 

Child stars turned fashionistas Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have made a permanent mark on the fashion landscape, so any brand, company or product they endorse is something that the fashion conscious can trust. In 2012, the Olsen twins helped launch Trendabl, an app that’s been dubbed the Instagram and Twitter of fashion. Users of this app will be able to connect with famous designers and trendsetters, changing the way that people discover and share fashion.

Coco Rocha for Pose

Image courtesy of Blog TO

Coco Rocha is best known for her uncanny ability to deliver a countless number of poses in a limited time frame. Similar to Trendabl, Pose is a photo based fashion-sharing app backed by the Canadian model. The premise of it is that it’s meant to be used as a shopping aid, where Posers take pictures of themselves in potential new outfits and share it with friends before making the purchase. That way, they can get their friends’ opinions, in case they’re unsure if they clothes are a right fit for them.

Rachel Bilson for ShoeMint

Image courtesy of So Sue Me 

The world first fell in love with this celebrity when she walked onto the set of The O.C. as Summer Roberts, but the quirky actress is known for much more than that role in the TV series. A couple years back she introduced her shoe collection in collaboration with ShoeMint.com, a website that showcases the latest deals and discounts in branded shoes, which is now accessible through mobile.

Fashionista lists down a handful of additional celebrity-endorsed fashion apps if you’re looking to download more.